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About us

Lawrence & Lilly have been involved in hospitality for over 10 years. Kallancherry Retreat, is for people who look for a few days of quiet and green, great home-cooked food, at a friendly and personal place, in the middle of a coconut grove, on the shores of the backwaters and a cooling breeze.

Kallancherry is located in the din of all this natural bounty. A local estate converted in to a home stay, it is designed to offer the guests great insights in to the life and culture of the people of Kumbalangi. Kallanchery is a perfect out of the map setting. Her courtyard welcomes the monsoons and bids farewell to every setting sun.

cottage-kallencheryretreatWhile you stay in Kallancherry, you can take a walk through the countryside to see the ancient churches and temples. If you would like to be a part of the local community here or want to see how the village life is, experience things such as

  • See how the strong coir is made out of the golden fibers from the husk of the coconut and try a hand in it
  • Take a visit to the crab farms or fish farms and see or try how the crabs or lobsters are caught.
  • Take a close look at the countless Chinese fishing nets(cheena vala) that form an array
  • See how the toddy tappers collect natural fermented liquor called 'toddy' and feel the fresh taste of it.
  • See how the men and women reap from the paddy fields.
  • Take a look at the copra manufacturing

If these things do not interest you, then go for rowing in a country canoe, try your luck in fishing, climb up the coconut trees - all this with the farmers and fishermen working in the Kallancherry estate. If you look for more, the Kallancherry Retreat will arrange tours to local destinations.
Feel free to contact us to know more.

Rockey Lawrence, a qualified chef by profession with 20 years experience in hotel industry. Worked in Uk for the last 16 years as a head chef. Wife: Dr. Dhanya- an Ayurvedic doctor.