Welcome ToKallancherry Retreat

Kallancherry Retreat is not a resort but a home where you can be a part of it. Kallancherry Retreat covers 3 acres of land, surrounded by backwaters, you as a tourist will enjoy staying in this home-stay.

We are based in Kumbalangi; which is located twelve kilometers from Fortkochi/Kochi. Kochi is an ancient port town along the western coast of the southern peninsula of India. To know more

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Hello! Your friendly hosts Lawrence & Lilly welcome you to Kallencherry Retreat, a tranquil and spacious retreat at Kumbalangi, Kerala.



For those who do not like to sleep in nature's lap Kallanchery gives you the opportunity to work with the community on all it does. You can row the country canoes, climb up the coconut trees, all this with the farmers and fishermen working in the estate. If these don't interest you, you can take up any of the activities mentioned under here.




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